Quail analytics
to maximize covey finds

We’ve kept detailed hunting records for years but CoveyIQ makes the whole process much easier and more efficient. Our hunting records are now more comprehensive and they are easily accessible at any time, which allows us to evaluate course and dog productivity during the season.
— Toddy Smith, Pineland Plantation

A critical part of bobwhite harvest management is the distribution of hunting pressure across time and space. CoveyIQ allows hunters to record spatial hunting parameters and bobwhite hunting metrics within a simplified framework, generating reports and maps without tedious data processing. I highly recommend CoveyIQ for planning hunts across properties and hunting seasons or for anyone interested in keeping upland hunting records.
— Dr. Abe Woodard, East Foundation Range and Wildlife Scientist

Convert your fall bird populations into consistent covey finds

Desktop app, iOS app and Android app

CoveyIQ (CIQ) is designed to help managers better understand the factors that impact wild quail hunting performance through providing real­ time information on areas such as dog and hunt course productivity, covey mapping, and hunt planning.

CIQ was originally developed at a wild quail plantation in 2011. Today we’re honored to have dozens of plantations and ranches from Florida to South Texas using CoveyIQ. Over time, the data we’re collecting will help advance quail research.

Mobile Apps for Tracking Hunt Data in Real Time

Our apps minimize the time required to log hunt data while using technology to gather spatial, temporal and environmental data. The result is an easy­ to­ use mobile tool that captures a broad range of information on each hunt. To use our apps, you simply need a CIQ user name and password.

Mapping Covey Locations

CoveyIQ’s mapping tool allows users to visualize where the coveys they encounter are concentrated. Pointed and wild flushed coveys are mapped in the field and can be filtered by day, season or hunt course. Recently we’ve added mapping tools targeting off season management activities.

Detailed Analytics of Dog Performance

Much like how professional teams collect and review stats on their players, the dog module provides a complete scorecard on each dog. This tool allows managers to more quickly determine which dogs belong in their string; compare each dog’s performance with their brace mates; and evaluate each dog’s performance the longer they are on the ground.

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